Painting Solutions

Interior Solutions


Generally it starts with covering furniture – sofa, tables, cabinets, switch boards, other elements like television sets, fans, refrigerators and the floors. Depending on whether it is repaint or fresh paint, base is set up with Wall Putty and primer followed with Sanding. Further a final primer coat is applied to ensure that wall/roof is free from undulations. After priming, the surface has to dry naturally for a day, before painting over. Final comes two to three coats of chosen paint shade. And post that letting it dry naturally.


Painting of 3D wall coverings with desired paint, Wall Designer paintings, Graffiti, Metal Leaf painting, CNC Painting, Modern Art or dual tone staining is few things which we generally master in this segment.

Doors & Windows

Different types of Paints are generally used unless it is not a specific finish requirement raised by the client.

Furniture & Floor

Generally these have two types if finishes. One Paint based and another is polish based. We at Pallettes have specialized PU paint and Polish teams. Wooden furniture and doors can be polished to give a rich, glossy look. Polishing is done either manually (hand polish) or using a machine. Chalk powder is applied onto the surface, stained or otherwise, before polishing, to get a uniform tone.


In-fact this is the primary reason for a before time re-paint requirement. Having said that most of the houses, offices have these small little leakage issues generally from washrooms and kitchens or in apartments may be from some one else’s house. So our first motive is help you close this, so that this doesn’t reoccur. Most of the painting applicator companies forget this basic. While as we prioritize this.

Exterior Solutions


It starts with removing all light fixtures and other decorative items and covering immovable’s like air conditioning units and plants if any. In case of large exteriors, scaffolding will be required. Exterior walls are scrubbed thoroughly to remove algae, fungi and mildew using steel wire brush. Walls need to dry completely. Cracks need to be attended on priority. Crack Filling compounds are used to fill in the cracks. Surface is then sanded using sandpaper to even out the surface. Exterior Paints provide protection from extreme weather conditions that house is subjected to. Minimum of 2 coats will be applied to achieve durable, consistent layer. Though, painting will last for years, it is advisable to regularly clean the surface, for long lasting results.

Outdoor Accessories

Very few people think very seriously about these line items in our country. While as they are equally important in today’s world. Wooden, metallic decks, fences, furniture pieces (iron/wicker), pergolas need regular maintenance. We have specially designed solutions for all the way from your main gate to the façade to furniture. You think we have got it all under one roof.


Waterproofing of the roofs balconies, roofs etc help you retain the outer upkeep for a longer period of time. Identification of the issue and resolving at the base level is what we specialize in. Though these are specialized services. But there is no harm to let you know that we have solutions for that too.

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